Monday, May 30, 2016

~Memorial weekend~

We had a great weekend. Friday we met family at Leatherbys, then came to our house to play cards. Aunt sue, Stacey, Tim, and Jax came into town so one Saturday we headed to lagoon. Aunt Natalie, Stacey, Tim, Jax and us. It was a perfect day weather wise but a little busy with people. We headed home with the kids and let Tim and Stacey have a date night. 
I helped Patti make salads for the BBQ we were having the next night. After I played some perfection with the girls I haven't played this game in so long.
We had a big family BBQ at grandma greats. It was fun seeing everyone. We ended the holiday weekend with another BBQ at our house and then an ice cream from sonic. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

~Kimberly 5 year interview~

I'm quite upset that I can't find Kimberly's 4 year interview so I want to put her 5 year on here so I know I have it.

Kimberly's 5 year interview

01. How old are you? Five
02. Favorite color? Pink/purple
03. Favorite food? Bread
04. Favorite thing to do? Help mommy cook
05. Who is your best friend? All the kids
06. Favorite animal? Rhinoceros 
07. What food do you hate? Terrible soup & rice
08. Where do you want to live when you grown up? St. George
09. Favorite song? " let it go"
10. Favorite movie? Ariel
11. Favorite tv show? Diego
12. Favorite book? Daisy
13. Favorite place to eat? Leatherbys
14. What are you afraid of? Monsters in Anelas room
15. What do you want to be when you grown up? Driver
16. Favorite holiday? Halloween
17. Favorite thing in the whole world? Going to grandmas house

Monday, September 8, 2014


It has been FAR to long sense I have blogged. I miss it but I've fallen so far behind it seems overwelming to do it. So I decided I will start now or at least do an update post so I have it for my blog books I'm trying to work on.

4 years old

01. Kimberly has started preschool (her second year) and is loving it.
02. Started dance for the third year and is loving it also. 
She has had Ms. Sara the last two year and has Ms. Dayna this year. 
03. We are working on stopping the thumb sucking and it is a hard process!!!
04. She has a major attitude and if you tell her to stop whining she will yell "I'm not whining!"
05. She has learned to ride her two wheeler bike and loves to go on bike rides.
06. She still has super long hair, pretty much down to her butt.
07.She still has a hard time playing by herself and doesn't play with toys that well at all.
08. Her favorite color has changed to Purple and sometimes pink.
09. She loves to color and draw her letters/numbers. She needs help by us writing them down first but is doing really well with learning what they are.
10. She is pretty insistent that she is having an Elsa/Anna party for her birthday.
11. Is very independent!
12. She is still tall and skinny Wearing 4t shorts and 5 shirts. Size 10 1/2 in shoes.
13. She is a big camper we have only gone once this year but she was in heaven.
14. She isn't a big animal person
15.She can learn songs pretty quick
16. She has an amazing memory
17. She is getting really good an coloring in the lines
18. Loves bugging her little sister and making her scream
19. Still a big helper. Well most the time when it comes to cleaning. But will ask to help to cook all the time.
20. Asks all the time to fly to magas house. (Cant wait to see how she reacts at the end of this month with her wish will come true!)

2 years old

01. Is one emotional child. She whines all the time.
02. Loves to play with her big sister. They play dogs a lot.
03. Is a momma's girl. When someone talks to her she gets nervous and turns to me and says "I love you mommy"
04. She just got over a stage where her name and everyone else was KyKy.
05. Loves animals! But at the fair this last weekend didn't want to touch any of them
06.Loves to color with her sister and has to show you her picture after every line she draws.
07. She is in the "Why" stage and it is driving this momma crazy
08. She has started saying "Kimly" and I love how she says it.
09.She asked to watch Dora all the time. but likes most cartoons
10.Every time we get in the car her and her sister want a drink and food
11. She will drink juice all day if we let her like continuous. This child can drink."dink" is what we hear all day long.
12. We are not even close to potty training probably because she drinks so much and ALWAYS has a full diaper.
13. She is a big helper.
14.I think her favorites are grandma's and aunt KyKy
15. She isn't showing any signs of a favorite color yet, but is getting better and knowing her colors
16. She can count 1, 2, 3, 2, 7, 9. and says ABCBs
17. Her favorite foods are Cheese, Yogurt, Grapes, & Fruit snacks
18. Her hair is getting longer but still not long at all. 
19. She Loves her blanket, lion (Simba) and fish projector on when she goes to bed.
20. She is wearing 18-24 month shorts and 2T shirts. Size 6 1/2-7 shoes

:: Mommy & Daddy::

01.I think we are done having kids. We spent the last year trying to decide and was leaving it up to nature to decide for us and it hasn't happened. We wished we had a boy but are so happy with our two beautiful girls.
02. Daddy is taking flight school to get his private license. Its hard to not have him home but we are so proud of our daddy for going after his dream.
03. Our family has taken two disneyland trips this last year and have one more planned for the end of this month. I am loving it but I think daddy can't wait for our year pass to be over. ha
04. I am still a stay at home mom and for the most part loving it. 
05. Mommy had to get her engagement/wedding rings cut off her fingers. She can't wait to get them resized and back on her fingers.
06. We are so happy with our life right now!!!!!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

~Cabin Time~


We decided to take some trips this summer and one of them was a four day trip to Grandmas cabin. It was just the four of us and we had a great time we went on a few razor rides, stopped to feed some fish and hung around the cabin. Kimberly is got to drive the razor (With mommy help) she did pretty good. One of daddies favorite things is to go frog hunting, so when we found the perfect spot he found a frog. Kimberly didn't want anything to do with it but Ali loved it and wanted to play with it. It was a nice relaxing trip and it was kind of nice not having my phone, computer, tv going all day long.


~Summer Activies~


Daddy ended up working a lot of overtime during this time so he wasn't able to join us to the West Fest. Grandpa Patti decided she wanted to go so her, I and the three kids (Kimberly, Nick, and Ali) went. It was a lot of fun and the kids got to do some fun activities and ride a couple rides.

 ::Swimming at Janica's pool:: 
Its was starting to get really hot so when Janica invited us to come swimming we were pretty excited.
::Keeping cool::
The stupid weed that is taking over our garden this year!!! And Ali playing with the flowers
 Watching the West Fest fireworks at the school down from our house. We really missed daddy!
 This girl loves steak
 Ali ALWAYS stands up in the bath so this is a before I yelled at her and after. Love this little face even if it means she is mad at me.
 Playing outside in the shade!

 Kimberly loves my Ipad and Netflix. Not sure why she is watching this upside down.

~Marysvale/Yuba Lake~


This trip has been planned for awhile with my family but we didn't know if we would be able to make it with how busy our month has been. In the end we were able to go and I was really excited about it. We got up really early in the morning to load up the truck, I think it was a little to early and while loading the 4wheeler into the truck in hit the ramp wrong. It flipped up and over onto the trailer door!!! It was scary and Jeremy was pretty mad about it, but we were ok and luckily we will only have to replace the door. 
After getting to Marysvale we unloaded the 4wheeler to go on a ride with the rest of a group. They were all kind of waiting on us so we hurried and loaded the girls on my parents razor and headed out. We only made it down the street to the gas station and then we couldn't get the 4wheeler to start!! Being at the end of the group we told them to tell my parents when they met up with them at the end. After about an hour we got a call from my parents finding out what happened to us. We worked on the 4wheeler for a min and put some fuel cleaner in it. We then headed back up to meet up with the group. It was fun but it sucked our 4wheeler wasn't working! But the girls loved riding on the Razor!

The next morning we left at a decent time and on the way home we stopped at Yuba lake to do some fishing. We only caught one fish but it was all we needed. It was a carp so we threw it back and headed home.

I love this family of mine and I love traveling with them


~Kenzi Wedding~


The day after Kimberly's dance performance we headed down to St. George for Kenzi and Tanner's wedding. It was a beautiful wedding! Kimberly had a lot of fun dancing the night away. Congrats Kenzi and Tanner Reynolds.

 Their underwear say Hubby and Groomsmen!! ha ha
 The two pictures below where from Kenzi's bridal session. Lexi and Kimberly were being goofballs. Kylee and I made the flower girl dresses I think they turned out pretty good.